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« My name is Alex. I grew up on the Thule AirBase in Arctica born of a pilot father. I flew away in a jet fighter, on my way I met two mercenaries and today we form the BAD PILOT crew. Our mission is to find the sound material that will allow us to MAKE THE JUMP : a kind of rebirth…


Formed in 2012, BAD PILOT follow their Indie electro rock influences. In 2015, after several concerts and festivals, they are discovered by the producer Clive Martin (Queen,David Byrne, les Négresses vertes …) with whom they recorded their first EP « Swimming with sharks». Spotted by the Italian booker Lala Booking, they made two tours in Italy.

In 2018, they collaborated with the Finland artist «Moon Dust» and released 2 tracks on his label :  The Grid / like the wind.

Now they carry on in the US with the label «Stereo Era» who are releasing an EP: ‘Hybrids’ in september 2019.

Alex and Antoine were the founders of the PILÖT program (favorite SFR young talents,Believe Digital, discovery of the Printemps de Bourges). Project with which they have played everywhere in France as well as internationally (Berlin, Brussels, Rome, Barcelona, Warsaw, Geneva …) and supported artists such as Deerhoof,Duchess Says, Archie Bronson Outfit, etc … With their cool sounds and grooves they seduced the world of advertising, cinema and various tv shows


« Une pop anglophone à soudure électronique dans l’ère du temps

« English pop fused with contemporary modern electronica »


« Etrange objet hybride, qui fonce au milieu du rock, de l’électronique, de l’ethnique »

« strange hybrid UFO that catapults itself threw rock, electronic and ethnic music »


« C’est un peu comme si Die Antwoord avait avalé Björk »

« It’s a bit like Die Antwoord after swallowing Björk »